The cuisine is a feature of Japanese culture.

Japanese cuisine has been known to use the fresh pure raw material from nature. Differ from other cuisines, which process with many raw materials and spices in the dish, the Japanese focus on fresh flavors in food rather than using too many spices.

The higher the economic growth, the higher the attention to dining. In addition to flavor is the primary concern, the customers steadily set higher requirements on the display of the dish as well as nutritional balance which were upgraded through processing techniques, culinary knowledge and the art of serving clients.

The current Japanese cuisine has received appreciation in the world by the consistency from suppliers, chef to diners. Therefore we are pleased to bring the most out of Japanese cuisine to the Swedish diners and blow the spirit on SUSHI CITY. At Sushi City, by techniques and a team of professional chefs with years of experience, we are proud to bring you the customers truly fresh flavors in each typical dish of Japanese cuisine made from fish such as: Sashimi, maki, sushi.

The difference is apparent as soon as you walk through the doors

When a customer walks into a Sushi City, they know they’re in for a memorable experience. Our chic decor is designed to exude a feeling of calm and zen, which encourages our guests to unwind and bask in the colors that come dancing off their plates. If our customers are in a hurry to get to back to the office on lunch break, or need a quick dinner on the go, we also offer several freshly prepared grab-n-go options.

At Sushi City, our only aims are to stimulate your senses and inspire your soul

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